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Life, Memory, and the art of Phoning it in

New evidence for life beginning out there, not here. The epoch of fast computer storage will change what you can do. Wifi calling is here and it is awesome. The Geeks do a long form show.

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Warrant-less Flashing Kills Drone’s Battery

California has a new privacy law, Flash has a huge problem, and Siri can be hacked. Also Facebook’s iOS app sucks battery life, quantum gravity experiment is possible, Apple vs University of Wisconsin-Madison and some more geeky weekly news.

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Zombie Scans Detroit, Shoots Volvo

Got Zombies on your phone? Scanner mixing up numbers? What do Geeks have to do with guns? We discuss these questions and more this week on special pledge drive edition of Geekspeak.

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Fermi & Snowden- The Ethics of Trucking Chip-cards

Have you wondered about those gold tabs on your latest credit card, or maybe where all the aliens are? How about whether Software Engineers keep you in mind when they develop your apps? Covering the Geeky News and touching on some ethics on this episode of GeekSpeak

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Wet Martians Teach Their Cars to Program

Mars, the Supermoon, and US LTE speeds are all wet. How we teach coding, and how the DMCA protects car company’s secrets.