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Molten Solar Salt Powered Christmas

The Geeks wish everyone a happy holidays and cover the Week in Geek.

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Translating Nuclear Viruses and DVD Regions

Real Time Translating, Fixing A Fridge, Lyle in a Show, viruses target to Iran centrifuge and much, much more.

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A Railgun for Ada

Miles and Lyle celebrate Ada Lovelace’s birthday, discuss the Week in Geek, and take your calls.

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Santa Cruz Holiday Parade

Broadcasting live from a float in the Santa Cruz holiday parade, we will cover geek news of the week and chat about the lovely town of Santa Cruz.

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Robotic Car, DNS Security and Sewing Machines

With just Miles and Lyle, one more GeekSpeak in the can, as they say.

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Security Theater

Ben, Alex, Lindsey, and Miles cover the Week in Geek and airline security.

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Hybrid Hard Drives

John Moon, Design Engineer at Seagate, joins the Geeks to talk about Hybrid Hard Drives and specifically the Momentus® XT Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive. And in the first half the geeks cover the week in geek news: Kinect Game System, Light-Sensitive Concrete, Size of Eris, Multi Touch: Stretchable electronic skin, newly (by the west) discovered cloning lizard, and a bit more.

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Happy Birthday Asimo!

The right to forget, voting update, LimeWire gone, and much more week in geek news with Miles, Ben, Al and Lyle.

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Holloween and Death by Invention

Al, Lindsey, Alex, and Lyle (back after two weeks) do the GeekNews of the week.

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Plastics: Recycle But Don't Inhale

Al Luckow and Miles Elam cover the Week in Geek.

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Voting by Tractor Beams

Voting machines, tractor beams, Google power… oh my! Miles, Al, and Lindsey go over geek news and take your calls.

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Privacy and Bee-Mysteries

Police GPS in my bumper, two billion is too big for criminal tagging, fine a Facebook spammer, droid droid, and much Geek News.

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Apple TV, Cheap Space, and KUSP

KUSP station manager, Terry Green, joins Al and Lyle for a pledge drive show. Al and Lyle keep the Geek News fresh and flowing.

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Air Purification and a Whole Lot of Flapping

The Geeks Lyle, Al, Ben, and Miles cover the news and take your calls.

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Diamonds, Pi, and Legos

LEGO! We chat about Google being sued for monopolistic practices with the Android OS, HUGE stellar diamonds, and how to calculate quadrillions of digits of pi. We also take a call and discuss other tech news of the week

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Half Side of the Moon

Miles, Ben and Lyle chat about the week in geek news.

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Geek Birthdays All Around

It’s a full house with Alex, Lindsey, Ben, Al, Miles, and Lyle. It’s also a birthday for Al, Alex, and GeekSpeak!

We visited the [The Penny Ice Creamery – Santa Cruz, CA|http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-penny-ice-creamery-santa-cruz] after the show and they gave away some ice cream and we gave away a bunch of cool GeekSpeak T-shirts, thanks to [ImageQuest|http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imagequest/id354602525?mt=8] for the shirts!

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Face GPS and So's Your Face

UPS Pet Rock, Expect GPS Tracking by Police, Trademark “Face”, Smart Vending Machines, Dry Water (year right!), Dead Records, and Free Ice Cream next week!

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Moon-Shrinking Antimatter Toothbrush

Ben says the moon is shrinking, Lyle says antimatter is 1% less likely then matter in our universe, and Lindsey tells us about solar powered toothbrushes. Miles hosts this beast!

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Death is Screwed Up

Coffins that screw into the earth, SSL certs that can’t be trusted, corrections and other fun Geeky stuff.

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A Cappella DefCon

Ben, Lindsey, Alex, and Miles discuss the Week in Geek and DefCon.

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Security and News

Alex and Lindsay join us from Defcon, and the Geeks cover the news of the week.

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Gaming Renewable Energy Without Bias

Lyle, Alex, and Miles cover the Week in Geek, talk about bias, and take your calls and questions.

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Robots and Moon Milage

Miles is back from [TAM|The Amazing Meeting], Al covers some robot and human enhancing machinery, Lunokhod travels on the Moon, bad science and medicine on the Huffington post, and Lyle runs the board.

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T-Shirts Powered by Moon Cheese

Al and Lyle do an episode with crazy movies, living in the woods, 3D phones, calls from california and much more.

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One Man Geek

All the geeks were out of town this weekend. So, what does a GeekSpeak host do with no geeks? Find out with this episode of GeekSpeak. – Lyle alone.

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6 Squared equals 36 Geeks

Six geeks in the house – a full contingent.

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Travelling with TripIt

The Geeks interview Andy Denmark of TripIt and cover the Week in Geek News.

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Made by Hand, Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder (Editer of [Make Magazine|http://makezine.com/] and founder of [Boing Boing|http://boingboing.net/]) explores the [DIY|Do It Yourself] revolution with his own hands in his first person account book [Made by Hand, Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World|http://www.boingboing.net/madebyhand/] .

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Some say "Skepticism" is the Topic

D.J. Grothe, president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, joins the geeks this week to talk about the JREF and TAM 8, a yearly meeting about science and skepticism. The Geeks also cover Geek News.

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Cloud Bacteria & Human Computer Virus

A fun episode stuffed full of weekly geek news with Al, Alex, Lindsey and Lyle.

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Google, God, and Geeks

Miles, Al, Ben, and Lindsey take your calls and questions.

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Hey, That's My Phone!

Lyle, Al, Miles, and Ben discuss phones, book notes, and other personal property as well as their theft.

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Claustrophobic Net Neutrality in Space

Lyle, Al, and Miles talk with listeners.

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Lyle isn't Spineless

iPhone leak, Internet may fail (DNSSEC), Adobe CS5, HTML5 Video, and much more.

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Chainsaw, Tree, Lyle and Spine

A 15min update on why we didn’t do a normal episode of GeekSpeak this week.

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An Embarrassment of Geeks

Lyle says that 6 out of 20 is not 30% and other silly things; Geek Fail!
A full house including Al, Ben, Lindsey, Miles, and Lyle discuss the Week in Geek.

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A Leak Too Far?

Lyle, Al, Ben, and Miles discuss the news and various decisions by big players in the world of tech and government. Also, what is up with Apple’s new [SDK|Software Development Kit] rules.

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OmniFocus, GTD, April Fools and iPad Stuff

Brian Covey, Super Support Ninja for [OmniGroup|http://www.omnigroup.com/], joins us to discuss [OmniFocus|http://www.omnigroup.com/products/omnifocus/]. The geeks also discuss geeky April Fools jokes, and other news.

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Printers Are Evil

The Geeks cover news and take calls from listeners with questions and comments about technology.

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Translating Fearful Viruses

The Geeks chat about the trouble with translations, virus protection, faster internet and much more. Plus a call or two from you.

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Tasty Hydrophobic Explosive URLs

The Geeks cover recent news in the tech world, and ask for your donations for KUSP.

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Leaving Google and Supporting KUSP

The Geeks cover the news and ask for your help in supporting the station.

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Death of IE6 and Enhance iTunes

IE6 Funeral, TuneUp and 1Password – Ben’s Software Pick, Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast, The 4K Sector Transition Begins,
Gamma Error in Picture Scaling, and Crazy USB: Fundue

And the Geeks take your calls.

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A Mouthful of USB

Technical Barbie, White House Tweet, Tablet Talk, Jet Packs, Robot Assembly, Lego Rubix Cube solver, and tech calls.

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Pencils, Frisbees, Grenades and Avatar

Guest Geeks Lindsey Lonne and Alex Sleeis join regulars Al and Lyle to talk about the GeekNews and take calls.

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Worms in Space welcome Dave Portera and Atari Videos

Definitely a show of nostalgia, Dave Portera [Por-Ter-a] talks with us about his involvement and roles in the earlier Atari video games.

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Google paying for Bugs

Government Data, Google paying people that find security bugs in chrome, 1 year anniversary of Al on GeekSpeak, Spirt Death, the iPad and much more.

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Liquid Diamonds and Cold Eyeballs

Older computers, new HTML/CSS/JavaScript stuff, and more.

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USB PSA, CC, China IE woes

New Theme song, Google and China troubles because of IE, Creative Commons (CC) of GeekSpeak, hydrogen cell phones, watch out for power outages, and what you can do about them.

And much more on this first and best and longest episode of GeekSpeak that has ever happened on January 16th 2010. And finishing it off, a live USB Public Service Announcement- tattoos.

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Lithium and Five New Planets

Al on Li, Ben excited by exoplanets, and Miles (almost) comes in late.

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Resurrecting Goats and Steel Velcro

Ben’s new year’s resolution is to disregard his new year’s resolutions. Error: boolean logic fault.