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Gamification Ion Slime in Your Email Automagically

Hagfish Slime, Ion thrusters work, Insurance and climate change, 386 linux drop, Gamification, Email settings, Automagically annoy Miles, and more tech news with Miles and Lyle.

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Intellectual Social Property

Intellectual property attorney and friend Michael Mount returns to GeekSpeak to chat with Lyle about twitter, ownership, copyright, and work for hire.

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Be Creative - Robots, Legos, and Science Games

Author Michael Margolis, author of Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot from O’Reilly , joins Lyle and Wyatt to chat about Autonomous and Remote-Controlled Bots on Wheels, Legos, and wonderful computer games that help teach your children science.

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Mayan Calendar and No Free Privacy

The Mayan calendar is really quite geeky, learn the real details of this epic time keeping system. And is your privacy worth some money?

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Syria Denies Access to Microsoft Quick-Release Antivirus Land Mines

Syria drops off the internet, both Microsoft AV and hotel key cards get a failing grade, Google Fiber ahead of its time, and more in the Week in Geek as Lyle, Alex, and Miles answer your calls and questions about technology.

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Hany Farid, Digital Image Detective with Robert Pollie of The 7th Avenue Project

Regularly on GeekSpeak Lyle speaks about Robert’s wonderful radio show The 7th Avenue Project
With Miles and Lyle away, you get the pleasure of one of Robert’s geekier episodes: a conversation with computer scientist and photo fakery expert Hany Farid. Robert and Hany discussed the ways that digital retouching (e.g., Photoshop) has altered our relation to photography.

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Insecure Androids in Space

The geeks cover the week in geek news, and take your calls.

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Beluga Whale Reports Narwhal Beats Orca

Political problems in tech, friction discussion, New Bowing 787, Apple awarded design patten ridiculous, MPAA wants inside your home, Steam for Linux and more news plus calls from listeners.

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Humans Programing and Awesome Humans Vote

Are you an american? Vote on Nov 6th or before! One Laptop Per Child – > Humans are awesome! A debate about weather programing should be taught to everyone like mathematics and literacy. IBM’s Watson goes to med-school. A WWII carrier pigeon is found.

Lyle’s big question: “How do you teach programing”?

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Uranus Viewing, Algebra Packets and Metaphoric Circus Drives

New fast data transfers using algebra packets, new images of Uranus, Lyle describes hardrives using circus metaphor and more helping people with their technical calls.Uranus Viewing,

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JavaScript Everywhere

Juergen Fesslmeier, product manager for Wakanda – an open source JavaScript application framework joins the Geeks to talk about the growth and prevalence of the JavaScript language. And to promote the js Every Where Conference.

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We don't need no stinking rocket engine!

Falcon9 looses engine and still makes it to orbit, the government is listening in on your phone calls, and can keep doing so, Verizon sells your data, Amazon lists the flaws in it’s Kindle, DNA half-life = no Jurassic Park, more Geek News and calls from listeners.

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Orbiting Gold Artifacts in the Rough

5 billion-year old gold photo album, brewing beer with cheap tech, purple flare on the iPhone 5, and more in the Week in Geek.

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Science: The Party Pooper

Robots driving cars in California, Androids getting remotely wiped, vehicle dashboard fonts, and more on this special pledge drive episode of Geek Speak.

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Art History without Art, a 10 Year Old, Learning to Program, and Book Reviews

Why you shouldn’t invest in the diamond market, trigonometric games, controlling servos from smartphones, and more.

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IE doesn't even fix Eagle Beaks

Ben teased, this time about Renn Faire, Google to drop IE 8, cell phone data overcharges, and stolen hacked BMWs. These stories and your calls on this week’s episode of Geek Speak.

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Supporting women in open technology and culture

We are joined by Valerie Aurora, executive director of The Ada Initiative an organization aimed at “Supporting women in open technology and culture.”

Valerie’s recent article DEFCON: Why conference harassment matters is a call to action for the Geek community!

In the first half of the show we will cover GeekNews.

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Tarzan Swinging in the Facebook Cloud

Tricorders, Tarzan Physics, Wolfram Alpha Facebook, hover bikes, What is the Cloud? Space flights for anyone, spammers the social disease, sign language translation gloves and more GeekNews.

“Wow Spock, that’s complicated. All we ever see are bananas and an occasional coconut..”

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Eye Tracking Brain Tricks

Dr. Fiona Mulvey and Prof. Kenneth Holmqvist join us for a discussion on how the human eye works and a bit about eye tracking research.
Also, a mars robot sees rock and attacks it! Plus, networked cars help reduce traffic.

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Editors, Keyboards, and Ctrl-V

Ben talks about what he teaches at DMA and the Michael Bale touch. The Geeks yack on about radio tech support, google docs sharing, coding on an iPad, and even some Geek News!
DNA data storage? Miles tries to explain sizes. Curiosity videos and much more.

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Hacker Dojo

The Geeks talk about Hacker Dojo, updates in the industry, and apparently something about Mars.

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Games, Gals, and the Gallantry Gap

Women in gaming, privacy online service, FaceBook’s effect on high school reunions, and the “privacy” question. This is more with Lyle, Al, Miles, and Bonnie.

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Search Engine Optimization with Eric Enge

The Geeks discuss astronomical and security news. Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, joins for the second half of the show to discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Trolling Al Qaeda

The US Government trolls terrorist groups, voter registration via Facebook, simulating the lives of bacteria, and more while Lyle and Miles take your calls and comments.

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Privacy, Titan, NY Wifi and Dangers Over Engineering

Phones are not private, GeekSpeak.org being rebuilt and how complicated it currently is, Titan has an interesting pole, NYC is providing free wifi – re-use pay-phones. And Lyle and Miles take some listener calls.

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Quantum Astronomical Quotidian

Higgs is statistical, Twitter trying to trump trolling and throws us transparency, Miles learns Quotidian and will now be even more “right”, Dark matter filament questions and more Geek News of the week with Miles, Ben and Lyle.

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Astroid ePaper Pizza

Rock Paper Scissors Robot, Pizza Vending Macine Robot and non-robot stories – full episode of GeekNews with Lindsey, Miles, Ben and host Lyle.

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Big Camera, Mega Camera, 360 Camera, No Camera

Lots of talk of cameras, a very expensive Apple I, games make you smarter, water color electric sheep, and much more news of the week with Alex, Al, and Lyle.

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I can see clearly now

New Apple MacBooks are throwaway, no upgrades… but it looks so good.

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Internet TV up in Flame

Bonnie Jean Primbsch joins Miles and Lyle to talk a bit about KUSP, pledging to the station, the Flame bot net, and TV advertising both online and off.

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Banana Equivalent Dosage

Living for 3 billion years for really good reasons, how much banana is that tuna? The Geeks—Ben, Miles, Lyle, and special geek guest Joanna Bresee—cover news and answer calls.

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Superhydrophobic or Raspberry Pink Dogs

Tractor Beams, SpaceX to ISS, eyes change, security expert tricks trickers, Real Life Tony Stark, “you are more wrong then you thought you are”, and much more with Miles, Ben and Lyle.

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Bar Scene, There's an App for That

Miles and Ben do the Geek News and take the calls.

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Robutt Apocalypse

Goldilocks range around red-dwarf stars is smaller then we thought, how tides work, robot buttocks, Japan loosing population, harvest asteroids, facebook new feature that you pay for, Mayan calendar goes beyond 2012, and much more, plus calls from listeners. Steve Brenner, Ben Jaffe, and Lyle Troxell.

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Search Engins for the People

Facebook free speech and teacher usage, new search engines, global climate change activism, and more while Lyle and Miles take your calls and comments.

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Ummm Network, You Look a Little Bloated

Wartime bootleggers, the birth and death of Firewire, geeky movies, losing yourself in Manila, and more while we take your calls and questions.

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Games to Help Depressed Batteries Go Mach 20

Thousands to lose Internet access due to the FBI, the hardest-working man on Wikipedia, the rest of the Week in Geek, and Lyle and Miles respond to your questions and comments.

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Enterprising Cosmic Whale Vomit

Learn a little about the Geeks and what’s interesting about whale barf. And much more about the week in geek tech with Miles, Ben, and Lyle. Also, Rick is back, so we take some calls!

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Free Speech of Yoctograms and Planets

High School Student expelled for Tweeting, One-Yoctogram isn’t much, White House "free speech is more important then anti-piracy laws, and more GeekNews of the week.

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Garth Sundem, Science, and Space Mummies

[Garth Sundem|http://garthsundem.com/], author of his most recent book, “[Brain Trust|http://www.randomhouse.com/book/208655/brain-trust-by-garth-sundem]”, joins the Geeks and their quest to keep KUSP safe from the rogue neutron stars and space mummies. Mrrrrrrr!!!

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Remember to Wear Your Seatbelts on the Internet

Backup, watch your URLs, make sure you read those license agreements, and more on a special show chock full of the Week in Geek.

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Mark Crilley - Mastering Manga

Comic artist and author joins Lyle Troxell for a discussion about marketing using YouTube… well more like how to be awsome like Mark Crilley and about comic book art. In the first half Charlie Lang, and KUSP station manager Terry Green talk about This American Life’s retraction of their Foxconn/Apple story, and a bit about SPDY.

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Reliability Testing Art Teaching

Systems Reliability Geek, Steve Brenner, and Geeky Artists, Nick Lally join Lyle to chat about some week-in-geek news and their professions. We even took a couple calls!

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Warped: Drives, Speech, and Space Cups

We take your calls and comments while covering the Week in Geek.

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Fake 3D Models of 30,000-Year-Old Seeds

3D Printer Kickstarter, Really Old Plants, Multiple Photos or Video to make 3d files, 123 year old recordings, could your phone be your computer? And much more Week-In-Geek News with Lyle, Al and Lindsey.

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Privacy Pshaw!

Who needs privacy when you are selling something? Online Dating Websites keep your data, Target Inc. knows your daughter is pregnant, Cyber attacks of Nortel, SSL for Google Maps still leaks data, and more Geek News and in the second half Alex, Miles and Lyle answer technical questions from listeners.

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Prom Week Game

Facebook publishes deleted images, Android vs iOS crashes, 12345 Syrian password “hacked”, AT&T throttling, NASA killing Mars and more GeekNews. In the second half Mike Treanor from UCSC’s Center for Games and Playable Media joins The Geeks to talk about game development and AI.

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Technical Difficulties

Spider silk, the french attack Google, Our Moon, Ubusoft Dow, 100 year old gamer, and much more. The geek news with Miles, Ben, and Jordan.

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Easy Privacy Come, Easy Privacy Go

Supreme Court privacy decisions, Google privacy changes, EU privacy protections, oh my! Miles and Lyle publicly take your calls and comments while talking about privacy.

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SOPA Dead!

SOPA/PIPA gets a timeout, 12 atoms per bit, and various ways that you and criminals can move information (WiGig & auto theft) while Miles and Lyle take your calls and comments.

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Waterproof Your Phone

Jesse Wilkins joins Ben and Lyle for a bit of GeekSpeak News.

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GeekSpeak Resolutions

New years resolutions – Back Up Your Data and Upgrade your Ram! MAME on Chrome, WiFi Vulnerability – turn off WPS, Copyright Rant, other news and calls with Lyle and Miles.