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GeekNews: Intel new Logo, 2005 days of vulnerability – browser vs browser, cyber-crime vs drugs, 2005 Americans data comprimised, HD-DVD vs BlueRay, virus protection vulnerability, Sony XPC CDs exchange, ePaper.Geek Call-In: LCDs on Cameras, locking-up MS XP, heat problems, portable recorders (iPod, Marentz, iRiver and MyRiver), Safari vs others, dial-up accelerators, new laptop, and more.

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Nyko and Geek Gifts

’Tis the season to buy techy toys for geeky girls and boys. This episode of GeekSpeak, the geeks discuss their technical desires, and invite Susan Corben of Nyko Technologies to help us get a feel for the way companies look at geeks like us — the technically savvy consumer. Throw in some GeekNews, some holiday cheer, some questions and comments from you — our listeners — and you have this episode of GeekSpeak.

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Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell

In March of 2001 Apple introduced OS X to widespread acclaim. This Unix-based operating system has
brought new “geeky” users over to Apple’s offerings.
Andy Lester, author of Mac OS X Tiger, in a Nutshell, from O’REILLY, joins the geeks for a technical inspection of Apple’s OS X and why it has become so widespread among Geeks.

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Meet a Geek: Michael McKey

This week on GeekSpeak we are speaking with Michael McKay, a programer, father and social aware Geek. Michael’s expertise and interest include Security Encryption and social issues about Digital Rights Management. Durring the second half of the show we will take your calls or emails with questions and comments.

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Meet a Geek: Daniel Wang

For our first installment of “Meet-a-Geek”, Daniel Wang, Programer and partner at the startup Rasmal Research, joins Miles and Lyle for a geeky reunion and to help take calls from listeners.

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FBI Software

The Geeks are joined by Senior Associate Editor of IEEE Spectrum Magazine, Harry Goldstein.
In IEEE Spectrum’s September Issue Harry wrote a comprehensive article on the FBI’s Virtule Case File System. On this episode of GeekSpeak we discuss what went wrong and the complexities in large scale software development.

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Geek Call-In Show

The Geeks get together for a little GeekNews and some of that old fashon “help you out”.

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Geek Call-In Show

Sean, Miles and Lyle do some GeekNews and answer calls from listeners.
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Future Media

Some estimates say that 15,000 audio pod casts exists today, including around 1000 video podcasts.
On october 12th Apple released an enhanced iPod that supports video and comes in black. "Taylor Barcroft ":http://FutureMedia.org joins the Geeks for a discussion on video podcasting and the future of media.

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Role-Playing Games

Durring this pledge drive show, gamers Matt Widener and Derrick Psaros join the Geeks to talk a bit about the history of role-playing games like D&D. Learn about the wonderous world of dice throwing on GeekSpeak.

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Gordon Mah Ung of Maximum PC Magazine

This week, the geeks discuss tech with Gordon Mah Ung, Senior Editor of
Maximum PC magazine.
Maximum PC is the ultimate upgrade magazine for savvy PC owners. Every
issue is packed with breaking news, tons of tips and techniques, and some of
the most in-depth reviews and articles in the industry.

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Next-Generation Internet Phone Technologies

NetVelocite makes

Internet phone calls easy. So easy in fact, you don’t need headphones
or even a computer to make them! What are the benefits? Low rates and premium
features including voice mail (with direct and web access), three-way
calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting—and most importantly—the ability to use your existing
phone number. Greg Troxell, CEO of NetVelocite, joins the Geeks as
they discuss Voice Over IP (VOIP) and next-generation voice network
technologies that are allowing people to make Internet-based calls using
standard telephones with special broadband adapters.

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Shayne Bowman, Digital Asset Management

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of pictures and video
that you have on your home computer? Shayne
, from iView Media, joins the geeks for a discussion
about how to manage digital assets… your personal photos, videos and audio.

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David Moir on Photography

David Moir, a professional photographer, joins the Geeks for a real world discussion about traditional and digital photography. David was the team photographer for the NY Yankees and photogaher for the NY Times. He now shoots using digital cameras and has some interesting things to share about digital photography.

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Photoshop CS2: One-on-One

Continuing the Digital Photography month of GeekSpeak Deke McClelland, author of Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-on-One, joins the Geeks. Deke’s book is a wonderful guide to features and tricks for Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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Digital Asset Management for Photographers

Continuing the Digital Photography month of GeekSpeak Peter Krogh joins the Geeks with a discussion about his soon to be released The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers from O’Reilly. You can take picutres with your right index finger, but what do you do then… digital asset management is the rest of the story.

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Digital Photography Pocket Guide

To kick off the Digital Photography month of GeekSpeak Derrick Story joins the Geeks with a discussion about his new book the Digital Photography Pocket Guide from O’Reilly. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Digital Photography in 55 minutes… well, at least get started.

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Data Centers

The internet is relatively ethereal. A simple description is “a lot of computers connected together”. On this episode of GeekSpak Derek Wise, President and CEO of Global NetOptics Inc., joins the Geeks for a discussion on where those computers are, what they need and how they communicate.

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David Lawrence and GeekSpeak

The Geeks are joined by
David Lawrence, a well known talk show host who covers Pop culture, tech, movies, music, TV, humor, morals, ethics and politics 6 days a week on satilite radio. David has the term GeekSpeak trade marked, a while ago he contacted the Geeks to talk about our name, GeekSpeak. Learn all about David Lawrence, talk radio and the future of GeekSpeak.

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Digital Copyright

Michael Mount is an Attorney focusing in digital copyrights. Michael joins the Geeks to give us a what’s what with the current status of US copyright law and where it is going.

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The Geeks talk with Jeffery Smedberg of the Santa Cruz Public Works Department
about community resources and responsible manufactures (and how to get in contact with
them) for e-waste management, recycling, and reuse.

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Teeth Geek

Henry Ramirez D.D.S. joins the Geeks for an in depth discussion of the current high tech of teeth technology.

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General Geek

In this episode of GeekSpeak the Geeks do a bit of GeekNews, talk about anniversaries and take listener calls. Geeks this week: Drew Meyer, Miles Elam, Sean Cleveland and host Lyle Troxell.
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CarShare, commute solutions

Paul McGrath creator of CarShare.biz joins the geeks for a discussion on company specific carpooling with incentives for participation. Learn how you can better your commute. The Geeks also do some GeekNews and answer calls and emails from listeners.

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SPAM Fighting, Greylisting

Evan Harris author of The Next Step in the Spam Control War: Greylisting joins the Geeks for a discussion on fighting SPAM. Geeks Sean, Miles, Drew and host Lyle.

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ATI Technologies

ATI Technologies, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative 3D graphics
and digital media silicon solutions, joins the Geeks to discuss their latest multimedia product –
the ATI All-In-Wonder 2006 video card. From TV to gaming, video editing and free software, this
All-In-One card provides users with an excellent video editing/publishing platform at a very
affordable price.

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Home DSL Setup

The geeks cover Geek News, talk about home DSL setup and take calls about setting up your home for high-speed access.
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Shuttle Computers

The rise of Shuttle computers and their domination of the small form factor (SFF) computer market is a great success story. The fact that people latched onto the concept of the small, quiet, square-shaped computer was not surprising, but the fact that they bought Shuttle computers in droves was. Shuttle’s unique lightweight all-aluminum case combines a stylistic, aesthetically pleasing design without compromising cutting-edge features or performance.
The Geeks interview Cameron Rogers of Shuttle computers to learn
how they started the SFF craze and what they plan to do next.

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Technology Challenged

Executive Director of KnowledgeContext, Miguel F. Aznar, joined the Geeks to talk about his new book Technology Challenged, Understanding Our Creations & Choosing Our Future.

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MAKE Magazine v2

O’REILLY’s Hacks, book series focuses on supporting the innovators who explore and experiment with technology, the geeks that push technology to their whim; people who are not happy with being just a consumer. In this same vein, and taking it further, OREILLY has launched MAKE Magazine. The Geeks are joined by Associate Editor Phillip Torrone in a discussion all about MAKE Magazine.
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e3 and Star Wars

Geek Dedi Hubbard went to e3 and took a lot of e3 photos. Last night the Geeks went to Star Wars III. So – this show is all about e3 and Star Wars.
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Project-Entropia the game

Virtual worlds exist right now in the form of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games [MMORPG]. Blizzard Entertainment’s game World of Warcraft has had more than "1.5 million people signup and play":http://www.blizzard.com/press/031705-worldwide.shtml. Blizzard’s business model is relativly standard: the game costs $50 and there is a $15/month usage fee. Project-Entropia is very different. Project-Entropia is the world’s first MMORPG with a real world cash economy. Jon Jacobs of Project Entropia joins the gees to chat about it. It is designed to host one million simultaneous users and is free to play; creating an entirely new business model for MMORPG s.
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Basecamp, Backpack; Wonderful Web Design

You may have noticed that good web applications are hard to come by.
You may also have noticed that a lot of websites
offer an experience that is less than pleasant. Well move over bad design and hello
37signals makers of Basecamp.

The Geeks have been using the "Basecamp project management web application":http://www.basecamphq.com/ for a few months now and we love it so much we invited the president of 37signals, Jason Fried, to come and talk about his company and this wonderful online application.
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Firefox Hacks

Microsoft won the browser wars of the late 1990s, but the Mozilla foundation, a non-profit open-source software group, is attacking back with it’s highly successful Firefox browser. Nigel McFarlane, author of Firefox Hacks published by O’Reilly, joins the Geeks for a detailed discussion of the free Firefox web browser.
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Solar Home

Going solar for your home has benefits and some drawbacks. On this show the Geeks talk with Home Solar expert Andy Black about how your home can harness the sun.
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All about Processors

Given the now famous "Moore’s Law":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore’s_Law you would expect that the processor industry is a place of dynamic change. On this show we talk with Kevin Krewell, Editor in Chief of Microprocessor Report, all about the current state and near future of the microprocessor, the brain of the computer.
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Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Pledge Drive)

On Monday Adobe anounced Creative Suite 2, containing the new "Photoshop CS2":http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/, or for those of us with a longer then 2 year memory, Photoshop 9. On this show we speak with Kevin Connor, director of product management for Adobe’s professional digital imaging products, or for those of us with a non-marketing mind, the Photoshop guy.
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ReadyNAS, Network Storage (Pledge Drive)

The more our lives revolve around the great digital toys we have (video cameras, still cameras and music players), the more digital data we have and, therefore, the more storage we require.For our disscussion of Network Attached Storage the Geeks are joined by Sam Feng from Infrant Technologies, the makers of ReadyNAS Network Atached Storage solutions.
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MAKE Magazine

O’REILLY’s Hacks book series focuses on supporting the innovators who explore and experiment with technology, the geeks that push technology to their whim; people who are not happy with being just a consumer. In this same vein, and taking it further, OREILLY has launched MAKE Magazine. The Geeks are joined by Associate Editor Phillip Torrone in a discussion all about MAKE Magazine.
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Digital Photography

The Geeks are joined by photographer Uwe Steinmuller, owner an operator of
www.outbackphoto.com. We will talk about
digital photography from how to compose a picture to color management to archiving and organization.

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GeekNews and Calls

Geek News plus calls and emails answered by the geeks.

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GeekNews and Calls

Geek News plus calls and emails answered by the geeks.

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RSS: Really Simple Syndication

Geek News, calls and emails answered, and an introduction to RSS. Learn a bit about how RSS is changing the way people use the Web. And get a quick " how-to start using RSS" from our very own Dedi.

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Internet Annoyances

The geeks are jointed by author and technologist Preston Gralla about his new book Internet Annoyances, How to Fix the Most Annoying Things about Going Online published by O’Reilly.

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PCI Express and BTX Technologies

The geeks are jointed by Intel to discuss PCI Express technology and the new BTX form factor. Join Jim Pappas, director of technology initiatives for Intel, and Craig Randleman, Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) program manager for Intel, and the geeks to learn more about these next-generation PC technologies.

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Storage, Software

Craig Campbell from Nero, known for CD and DVD creation softare, joins the
Geeks to discuss software for helping you manage your information.

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Geek News and Taking Calls

The geeks cover some geeky news, take calls and email from listeners, and have fun with technology.Mac Geek, John Tracy, tells us all about his recent laptop-mishap.

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Talking Titan

The Geeks talk about the Cassini space craft and the probe Huygens which landed on Titan this morning.

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Storage, Network Storage

Drew Meyer, from Adaptec’s Snap
Appliance Division
, helps us
kick off our month of storage. We will talk about current products and
upcomming technology. Adaptec’s Snap
Appliance Division
makes Network
Storage Devices; not exactly home storage solutions, but very cool nonetheless.