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2003 Tech

Our year in review and the Geek’s prediction for technology in 2003.
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Hand Held Holidays

Our resident Hand-Held computing geek, Chris Dunphy, will bring the latest and greatest small tech toys for this years holiday shopping. And the rest of the Geeks will offer their “best gift” awards in the realm of technology. Learn what is hot and cool this season in the realm of the Geek.
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Storm Tech

With help from Santa Cruz Electronics the Geeks have prepared a Storm Tecnology show. Listen in and learn how to protect your home electronics from power surges and outages. The Geeks also cover the basics of fixing your equipment that never comes back on.
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Geeks Take Your Calls

Not sure what the scoop is on those tech products hitting store shelves

for the Holidays? Tune in and call in with your questions and comments about your computer problems and gift ideas from the Geeks.

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Geeks Answer Your Calls

Call in and join the show. We will entertain questions fitting in
the Geek Realm… is that broad enough for you?

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Copyright in the Digital World

Copyright was created in a time that is fundamentally different then
the computer world we all live in today. Learn all about the conflicts
that are created by copyright in a digital landscape. Michael McKay, a
programer and consumer advocate, joins the Geeks to bring us all up to
speed on digital rights.For information on digital copyright issues you can try
You can also try, San Francisco based,
Electronic Frontier
for even more information about digital age

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John Bower from Santa Cruz Electronics

John Bower 20 year owner of
Santa Cruz
joins the geeks for a disscussion of
computer hobbyists vs mainstream consumers. Tune in to hear all about
the trends of computer upgrades and purchaces.

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RDVDC (Recordable DVD Council)

DVD authoring on your home computer is a reality, but there are three different DVD formats. Who is going to win the VHS/Beta Max of the optical disc wars? The RDVDC is the marketing arm of the DVD Forum, the standards body that regulates the DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM standards. We’ll be leaving DVD+R/RW at the door this night to talk about DVD-R/RW, the standard that is compatible with over 99% of the DVD players and representing 77% of the recordable DVD market.

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Geeks Answer Your Calls

Call in and join the show. We will entertain questions fitting in the Geek Realm… is that broad enough for you?

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Pinnacle Systems Digital Video Editing Solutions

It is time again for a look at home video software. Pinnacle Systems offers Emmy award winning video editing software. Listen in to Geek Speak to learn about the latest and greatest solutions offered by Pinnacle Systems.

Pinnacle Systems’ Studio 8.0 is a total video-editing solution for your desktop or laptop PC. With it, you can capture your video footage from nearly any digital or analog source and then employ professional editing features like scene transitions, title effects, and fast/slow motion to create amazing movies. Once you’ve created your video, you can output to tape or burn your movies to CDs or DVDs that will play on most DVD players. Studio 8.0 makes editing movies easier than ever. Simply drag and drop your captured video footage onto the editing timeline and assemble a movie in mere minutes. Advanced users can edit video frame by frame and see the results instantly in a preview window. Add professional 3-D scene transitions, background music imported from MP3s or CDs, title effects, and you’re ready to show the world your magnum opus. You can share your videos with family and friends by creating Video CDs or DVDs. With Studio 8.0, you can burn a disc with your CD or DVD burner that will play in most DVD players. Studio 8.0 also includes advanced authoring features that allow you to create multiple linked menus, motion menus, and motion buttons.

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Kevin Mitnick, The Art of Deception

Indisputably the most famous and infamous hacker joins the Geeks to talk
about his new book, The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security.

The world’s most famous computer hacker and cybercult hero,
once the subject of a massive FBI manhunt for computer fraud, has written a
blueprint for system security based on his own experiences. Mitnick, who was
released from federal prison in 1998 after serving a 22-month term, explains that
unauthorized intrusion into computer networks is not limited to exploiting security
holes in hardware and software. He focuses instead on a common hacker technique
known as social engineering in which a cybercriminal deceives an individual into
providing key information rather than trying to use technology to reveal it.
Mitnick illustrates the tactics comprising this “art of deception” through
actual case studies, showing that even state-of-the-art security software
can’t protect businesses from the dangers of human error. With Mitnick’s
recommended security policies, readers gain the information their organizations
need to detect and ward off the threat of social engineering. Required reading for
IT professionals, this book is highly recommended for public, academic, and corporate libraries.

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a mystery episode

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The State of Hard Drives with Segate

Hard Drives, Hard Drive Technology with David Sabatos Sr Product Relationship Manager from Seagate of Scotts Valley California.
We talk about the new SATA, possibly replacing SCSII.