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Cellphones in Tunnels and Brain Implants

Miles, Ben and Lyle cover the news in tech.

Only half of the show was recorded, sorry folks.

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Some Radiation is Not Fun

Geeks Lyle, Al, and Miles cover the latest in shopping robots and Netflix lawsuits. Oh yeah, and cell phones don’t cause brain cancer.

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Confirmation Bias

Professor Dominic Massaro joins the Geeks to speak about how human beings are “hard wired” to confirm their biases. And what you can do about it to understand the world better.

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GeekSpeak in a Holiday Parade!

The Geeks broadcast a show live from the back of a parade truck, during the Downtown Association’s Annual Holiday Parade in Santa Cruz! Parade audience members ask questions in the second half of the show.

We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to Eric Mack and Joe Weiss from the UCSC Theater Arts Department, for driving the truck and helping with setup. Thanks also to Chip, for helping facilitate GeekSpeak’s involvement in the parade.

What a blast!

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Paying for Space-y News

This week, Ben covers Saturn’s Northern Lights, Miles covers the News Corp/Google shakedown, and Lyle delivers the final word on alien visitation.

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2012 Ends Mixed Nutz

The Geeks take calls and cover news, discussing the doomsday scenario with 2012 (hint: there isn’t any), the FCC, the LHC, and a sprinkling of Klingon to top it off.

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Water Confirmed on Moon!

Al’s USB of the week is useless- UseleSsB. We chat about water on the moon, a rock DVD that lasts 1000 years, Google poetry (antisi-poems), genetically engineered non-rotting apple, a Facebook post that exonerates prisoner and more tech news.

In the second half we answer some awesome questions from listeners.

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Rogue Amoeba Geek

Paul Kafasis from [Rogue Amoeba|http://rogueamoeba.com/] is joining the Geeks to chat about all the awesome that RA makes. Best know for Audio Hijack Pro, Rogue Amoeba makes some yummy audio apps for Apple Macintosh

Check out [the freebie apps|http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/] !

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Physical Flex and Spooky Tech

Dave Meeker, Director of Emerging Technology at [Roundarch|http://roundarch.com] joins us to chat about connecting Flex to physical devices and other cool things that Roundarch is doing. We also chat about some fun holoweenish stuff.

[Roundarch|http://roundarch.com] designs and implements digital experiences for the world’s largest organizations. They deliver web sites, rich web applications, mobile apps, social media applications, digital marketing campaigns and more for clients such as Avis, A&E, Hershey’s and the US Air Force.

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Water Election Software Car

32 exoplanets Water Car and iPhone vs Verizon and much more.

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iPhone vs Bear and Pledge Drive from DC

A robot cockroach, a USB Telescope, NASA impacts the Moon, iPod can’t race and Lyle hosts the show from [WAMU|http://wamu.org] in Washington DC.

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Stop the Robot Overlords

The geeks fight off an impending robot take over with your donations.

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Getting Stoned on Exoplanets with Windows 7

Kid wins suit vs. Amazon, Microsoft Store, an exoplanet rains rocks, a (non) Star Trek Communicator and more GeekSpeak news – plus lots of fun calls!

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Thirsty Robot Swallows the Moon

Water on the Moon and Mars, robots grade english papers and eat people, e-coli cleans uranium, and more geeky news.

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Blood Bot and Oklahoma High

GeekNews is so much fun! Join the Geeks for some wonderful tech news items on today’s show.

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Evolution of Facebook Battery Algae

The geeks cover a gaggle of news items, and take calls with questions and comments about technology.

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Paper Video and Snow Leopard

Snake Robots, Flash Exploits that Mozilla warns, and much more.

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High-Speed Tongue Sees UFOs

The geeks chat about tech news, covering a wide variety of bizarre topics. Join us for a full hour of tech news.

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Swarming SQL Inject Robots with Cruzio

Chris Neklason and Peggy Dolgenos, founders of both local internet service provider Cruzio and of this here radio show GeekSpeak, join the geeks to chat about the growth of Cruzio and to chat a bit about ISP services.

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Drobo, Drobo, Drobo

Mark Fuccio joins us from [Data Robotics, Inc.|http://www.drobo.com/] to talk about data backups, and the [Drobo|http://www.drobo.com/] . Mark and the geeks also talk about some of the more complex ways to manage data, including RAID levels, and various Network-Attached Storage solutions.

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The Drabblecast on GeekSpeak

Norm Sherman narrated and producer of the wonderful Drabblecast join Geeks Al and Lyle and special geek guest [Jessse Wilkins|http://wilkinsconsulting.us] to chat about the [wonderful flash fiction podcast, The Drabblecast|http://web.mac.com/normsherman/Site/Podcast/Podcast.html] .

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Transparent Al and BayFed Security

Ryder, Ben, and Lyle are joined by special geek guest [Jessse Wilkins|http://wilkinsconsulting.us] to cover the week in geek news and take calls with questions and comments about technology.

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Glowing Humans and Robot Rats

We [ask for your favorite podcast|http://forums.geekspeak.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26], cover the the week in geek news and take some calls.

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Pee, Poop, Robots and Onions

Robots that eat organic material, power from pee and onions, Orwellian Kindles, police typewriters, and more.

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Practically Practical Particle Physics

Physicist Linda Carpenter joins us to give us the dirt on Dark Matter and tell us why the Higgs Particle is so important.

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Robots, Hulu, and You

The geeks discuss robot development, and Miles welcomes our robot overlords. Guess which of the geeks is the real robot!

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NASA Twiddles the Knob With Imperial Units

Geeks Miles, Ben, Alex, and Lindsey talk about the week’s news including imperiled Space Shuttles and ringtones as public performances while they answer your calls and comments.

Teaser medium

Steve Wozniak, Uber-Geek

Woz is the creator of the personal computer, an inventor, engineer, prankster, and genuine good guy. Woz is the main Geek of our time. Al and Lyle joined him in his home to chat about who he is and what he likes. A very personal conversation with Steve Wozniak.

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Geeks Going to the Dogs

In a slightly odd GeekSpeak Geeks Lyle, Ryder and Miles, take your calls and discuss the week in geek news, but they are joined by Becca Hiatt a veterinarian rehabilitater (Physical Therapist for Animals) to answer questions about dogs. The call-in section goes back and forth between very knowledgeable dog suggestions and, contrarily, the Geeks poor answers to Windows questions.

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Etherpad with Aaron Iba

The geeks are joined by Aaron Iba, CEO of AppJet, Inc. His company developed [Etherpad|http://etherpad.com/], the technology behind the [Geek Chat|http://etherpad.com/geekspeak] link on our show page. Join us on our Etherpad every Saturday during the show to give us your questions, comments, and interaction.

Aaron holds a degree in mathematics from MIT. Before founding AppJet with David Greenspan (president of AppJet), Aaron worked at Google writing algorithms for improving search quality. As co-captains of their high school math team, Aaron and David led Lexington High to numerous top spots nationally. While at MIT, they founded the Robocraft Programming Competition (now called BattleCode), which is the largest college programming competition in the country.

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iPhone Applications

We’ll be joined by a representative from [CollegeKidApp|http://collegekidapp.com], a small organization devoted to creating applications for the iPhone and documenting the entire process on their blog. We’ll also be covering Geek News, as always.

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Three Wolves vs. Horrifying Child Robot

The geeks cover news, robots, and three wolves.

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Guns Don't Kill People, Robots Do

The Geeks discuss the Hubble Space Telescope, other geek news, and take your calls with questions and comments about technology.

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Smells Like Color Calibration

Son Do, from [Rods and Cones|http://www.rodsandcones.com/], a locally-based color calibration company, joins the geeks to talk about color, and why color calibration is so important for graphic artists.

“Son Do co-founded Rods and Cones, Inc., in 1996. He provides technical expertise and insight on color management and its integration into a digital workflow. His years spent in the trenches of color management’s emerging technologies have given him exposure to most color management products, in most industries, including design and advertising, prepress, printing, and digital photography. He has a BS in Bioengineering from the UC Berkeley and worked as researcher at Genentech, Inc.”

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Viruses and a Fast "Camera"

Ben, Al and Lyle are joined by Alex Sleeis to get an update on Conficker that nasty computer virus. We also chat about some news of the week and take calls.

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Exoplanetary Bluetooth Burkas

The Geeks discuss news, and take calls, using the burka analogy more than once.

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The Network with Aaron Hughes

Network expert Aaron Hughes will join us for a discussion of the physical layer of the internet backbone and the protocols that are used to route network traffic. How robust is the internet, actually?

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Swimming in a Sea of Internet Fraud

There is in amazing amount of Internet fraud going on through-mail. Our guest, Sergeant Dean Ackemann, works for the San Jose Police Department Financial Crimes Unit. His job is to handle Internet fraud cases and often sees people falling for the same scams over and over. He will be on to talk about some common scams and potentially take a few calls.

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Visual Effects with Mark Christiansen

We will be joined by [Mark Christiansen|http://christiansen.com], artist, animator and author. His most recent book, “After Effects CS4: Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques,” covers color correction, keying, rotoscoping, motion tracking, and much more in After Effects CS4.

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Mobile Geeks and Green Tech

Mobile geek corrospondents Chris Dunphy, and Cherie Ve Ard join us on the air. The geeks talk about news items, and take calls from listeners with questions and comments about technology.

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Rich Internet Applications

Walt Schlender will be joining us to discuss Adobe Flash, Flex, Air, Microsoft Silverlight, and how they all fit together.

Walt is a Flex architect and entrepreneur living in Berkeley, CA. He’s been playing with Flash, ActionScript and Flex for the past 3 years. Half that time found him working on a software startup called Mousecloud that tried to connect people in real-time over the internet – currently he’s enjoying helping companies figure out how to build LARGE web applications – over the years he’s played with a lot of cool web technologies and loves talking about how they fit into the real world.

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Pi, Polka, Cheese, and David Merrill

[David Merrill| http://tinyurl.com/cfenjy] joins the Geeks to chat about different forms of interacting with computers. We all know about the keyboard and mouse, but the future is wide open – hey even the now is fairly amazing.

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Pluto Emotions, Star Trek Geekery and More

The new Star Trek movie trailer, people still talking about Pluto and more GeekNews.

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NextSpace and Helicopters

Jeremy Neuner Founder of Santa Cruz coworking environment NextSpace joins the Geeks to talk about innovation and flying helicopters.

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Cats on Facebook playing Pong with Wifi

Can a cat answer a User Agreement? What happened this time of year in Geek history, Pong 1974, Apple.com 1987 and much more.

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Valentines Day, Woz Dance and Epoch Time

Al helps with last minute Valentines Day suggestions, Lyle jabs about Geeking out on Math; epoch time, Friday the 13th, and February is divisible by 7. And much more including Woz on Dancing with the Stars, oh, and GeekNews and listener’s questions.

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Web Cams and GeekNews

Nick Cuniffe from Logitech joins the geeks for a discussion of online video chat and web cameras. We give two web cameras away, and are actually impressed by their quality.

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Santa Cruz Geeks with Sean Tario

The local social scene for Geeks in Santa Cruz has always been impressive. Ever since the Geek Houses of the 80s, Santa Cruz has had its technically savvy folks who like to spend time socializing. In recent months there has been a resurgence of this Santa Cruz staple. Sean Tario is one of the geeks accidently leading over 250 geeks in the Santa Cruz area to hang out and chat, to share their brilliance, and enjoy life like only a geek can.

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Lightroom 2, Digital Asset Management

Tom Hogarty, product manager of Photoshop Lightroom at Adobe, joins the Geeks to talk about digital asset management and using Adobe Lightroom 2.

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Photoshop CS4

The geeks discuss graphics applications, and the technologies that drive them with Adobe Photoshop Product Manager, Brian Hughes.

Bryan O’Neil Hughes is a Product Manager on the Photoshop Team and a Product Evangelist for the Lightroom Team. Bryan has spent the last ten years helping to test, drive, develop and demonstrate Adobe’s professional imaging solutions. He speaks worldwide on behalf of Adobe and can often be found leading seminars and workshops. Beyond Adobe, Bryan is a published book author, editor and photographer.

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MacWorld 2009, FaceBook, and More

[Al Luckow| http://www.luckow.com/] and Ben Jaffe attended MacWorld and we chat a bit about the Apple announcements and other GeekNews of the week. And a bit about what Al does, like [WOZ’s mettle business card|http://www.luckow.com/clients/woz/cards.html] and more.

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Geek Tech for 2009

Predictions are so temporally falsifiable, therefor we are going to share what we are excited about in the upcoming year.