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Drone Bridge to AVG's Failure

A formerly trustworthy source of protection disappoints, a trio of drones does a lovely dance you walk on, and even pressing a simple key on your computer can boggle your mind.

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Touchy Feely Phone Hacks DoE with Science!

Prosthetic hand with feeling, T-Mobile using it’s new spectrum, AT&T finally to have wifi calling on iPhone, Science, Space, and more weekly geeky news.

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Use 3D Keys to Cheat on your Passwords

Lock-picking with photographs, Tech Companies fight with the US, password cracking is easy when mistakes are made, Microsoft downloads you might not use, and more tech news of the week.

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Self-driving Police Drones Moon Their 80GB Drives

Self-driving cars are too polite, police tech isn’t polite enough, lunar burial, a Tesla breaks its tester again, and much more in the Week in Geek.