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Chefs Smuggle Updates off your Roof

Open Source Pixar stuff, the need for consumer vigilance; drones used to smuggle into prison; analog vs UI geekery; developments that affect energy use; and opposing suggestions for what you do with your food photographs. With Lyle, Brian and Bonnie.

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Qapla! Klingons Swipe Superconductors from Mindful Geeks

Glass as 3D printing medium, can speaking Klingon get you a job, Android lock patterns are not a unique snowflake, a discussion about diversity in tech and what you white guys can do to help, and more Geek News of the Week.

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Fifteen Years of GeekSpeak

Lyle chats about doing the show for 15 years, and we cover the news: Freeboot followup, a new Epson printer that doesn’t need refills, Alphabet the new Google, Free Tuition for coding school, and much more.

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Windows Expert Hacks 'Droid Rifle at RAMming speed

Brand new very fast memory, Windows 10 rolls out slowly, how to stay safe online: experts vs non-experts, and more Geeky News.

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Updated Drones Swarm Earth 2

Kepler did it again, a call to stop Skynet before it starts, iOS 9 beta woes for developers, Swarming Drones, Hacking Jeeps and more GeekNews of the week.