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Adult Friends Reset Their Focus Virtually

VR is going social, how to stop fob hacking car thieves, more Starbucks hacking, security breaches, more NSA Snowden stuff and much more Geek News of the Week.

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Distracted Flying Car Crashes into Walled Garden

Wearables while driving, hacking while flying, self driving cars, Facebook instant’s walled garden, and passwords, passwords, passwords.

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FCC Focuses on Edgy Cactus

Net-Neutrality win, self driving car safety, coping with Tech distractions, MS Edge looks good, and TTP in Google Maps.

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Sperm Play Games with Keurig's DRM

Dr Dawn Motyka joins the Geeks for fascinating, apparently unpronounceable stuff about the effect of cell phones on your body, gamification, and how Amazon’s mechanical Turk is helping speed up the Singularity.

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Miniature Computers Ransom your Health

Tiny computers, medical nano technology, a cure for Coinvault ransom malware, and medical apps on your smart device: how do they work? The Geeks are joined by Ask Dr Dawn host Dr Dawn Motyka.