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PWN2OWN Flushes Birds With Hanlon's Razor

Security prompts don’t help you think, Tricoders are closer then you think, abandoned means abandoned with cool pictures, are people evil or stupid, how to pwn a browser, Mars photos, and more GeekNews.

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Tesla S Interviews at Uber

The Geeks discuss self-driving cars, face recognition, terrible job interviews, and get fannish at the in-person appearance of our Canadian correspondent, Greg Merkley

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Siri gets an alternative Lyft to Pi Energy

Dedicated to Terry Pratchett on this PiDay episode we commemorate 40years of Hitchhiker’s Guide, 30year birthday of the oldest dot-com, chat about Seri voice data, wind and ocean alt energy, and talk about the new Apple products.

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Git Renders Spock in Holographic Pi

This pledge show episode: GitLab and Renderman, Spock-ifing CA money, Google Facts ranking, Art-Feminisim Wikipedia edit day and much more.