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Ice-water on Your Kid's Screen Time

Non-geeks in charge of cyber security, how to raise your kids in a digital age, is the Ice Bucket Challenge good? NB: In this episode we acknowledge the existence of fetishes, and name a couple.

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Burning Man Takes Public Domain Monkey Selfie

A discussion of Burning Man, digital art, copyright, security traffic lights, and more.

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Post-Singularity, Comcast Will Harasses Itself

Robin Williams was a Geek. One of us! One of us! Plus gleanings from Defcon — reasons to be freaked out/encouraged by the efforts of hackers — The Singularity, Comcast as a synonym for misery, and more geeky news.

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HTTPS: Science Fiction vs. Science Fact

Science fiction is cool, science fact is hot, and skipping a web certificate can make you harder to find. This and more on this episode’s Week in Geek with Lyle, Ben, and Miles.

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Jailbroken Cookies Taste like Puppies

Jailbroken phones vs unlocked, new puppy, NASA engine? or not? 3d printed stuff delivery service, high-speed internet is more likely with competition, and more GeekNews.

Also, did we mention Lyle got a puppy? Puppy!!!