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SpaceX Sues Net Neutrality Over Bouncing Batteries

Does a battery’s ability to bounce alter when uncharged? We find out from our own myth-busting team!
Also, Miles completely flubs a story on a SpaceX lawsuit; read the linked story to find out how wrong he was. These stories and more in this episode of Geek Speak.

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Falling Rock Arrested for Fake Iapetus Tweets

The mountain range that fell from space, earth-like planet discovered, open source seeds, stem cells help the blind, and other Geek news, with Miles, Ben and Bonnie. This show is dedicated to the memory of Finn, a good dog.

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Fruit Fly Prints Plane while Violin Plays Heartbleed

Fruit flies are mini-jet-fighters, Staples prints in 3D, Violinists and Stradivarius, Hearbleed explained and much more.

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NASA's Meteoric Software Clocked at Terminal Velocity

Skydiver films meteoroid, NASA and Microsoft open source code, Subversion switches to Git, Zebras are stripy because… – Some car tech, and listener calls. Fun Fun show.