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Preempted Geekiness

Alas, GeekSpeak was preempted this week for a Syrian update from NPR and President Oboma. Here is what we would have covered in 7min.

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Multitasking Australians Thrown for a Hyperloop

Discussion of Hyperloop and how it works, sea level dropped due to rain in Australia, Highschool 3D printers, and more with Bonnie, Lyle, and Guest Kelly O’Brien host of KUSP’s program Life in the Fast Lane

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Brainwaves Mapping the TARDIS while Google Bounces Batteries to Mars

Can you detect the charge of a battery by bouncing it? Outbrain got hacked, SF Chronicle drops paywall, TARDIS map, Google outage and more GeekNews in this packed episode of GeekSpeak.

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Lightroom, NSA Reforms, Mars Poetry

Digital Photography File Management with Adobe Lightroom product manager Sharad Mangalick joins the Geeks to cover GeekNews of the week and talk about photo management.

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Black Hats Have Reservations about Spoofing Enceladus' Circadian Rhythm

Programers have power, spoofing GPS, Saturn churn’s it’s moons, honeypots for water hackers, camping to reset circadian clocks and much more fun GeekNews with Ben and Lyle.