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For Ladies Only: Fashioning a Stream of False Memories

Technology advances to make your life easier: alarms, skin, fashion…Congress doesn’t advance, to make NSA’s life easier. And other Geek news.

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Prism's Spellchecking Pen Not a Patch on DEF-CON's Headphones

EFF is awesome, your data is being read, Wifi Art, spell check censorship, ringtone help, and more GeekNews and calls from listeners.

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Superman's High Speed Sarcasm Decrypts Boom's Backup

A musing on how NSA might be gathering its web traffic information, new amazing storage density, human powered flight, and a detection to the inspirational Preston Q Boomer.

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Radio Bursts Google Glass, Licensing the Bug in Your Ear

Three weeks away from GeekSpeak showing off Google technology in France, Lyle comes back a real Glasshole.