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Musically Shaving Bytes with Frozen Smoke

Ben and Lyle chat about music, code, astrophysics and material sciences.

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Apple Security News - the Universe Darkens

Google and Apple and other security issues, some calls from listeners and more on this episode with Ben and Lyle.

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Sick Wind Farm Games with out Google Reader

Founders of Gaijin Games, Mike and Alex, join the geeks to chat about game development and play and their new game Runner2, a fun side scrolling platform game.

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Pledge for Plastic Skulls, Frozen Phones, and Rovers in Distress

Curiosity software bug, 3D Printed Skulls, Compromising phones by freezing them, Sexism in Gaming, and your opportunity to support this, and many shows at KUSP.

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Patented Billboard Shows Skydiving Rats- Live!

Billboards collecting water, parachute in poison rats to kill snakes, re-use old phones for video cams, Pandora restrictions, patent lawsuits, thermochromotic fashion, sports gadget, calls, and more with Al Luckow and Lyle Troxell.