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Garth Sundem, Science, and Space Mummies

[Garth Sundem|http://garthsundem.com/], author of his most recent book, “[Brain Trust|http://www.randomhouse.com/book/208655/brain-trust-by-garth-sundem]”, joins the Geeks and their quest to keep KUSP safe from the rogue neutron stars and space mummies. Mrrrrrrr!!!

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Remember to Wear Your Seatbelts on the Internet

Backup, watch your URLs, make sure you read those license agreements, and more on a special show chock full of the Week in Geek.

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Mark Crilley - Mastering Manga

Comic artist and author joins Lyle Troxell for a discussion about marketing using YouTube… well more like how to be awsome like Mark Crilley and about comic book art. In the first half Charlie Lang, and KUSP station manager Terry Green talk about This American Life’s retraction of their Foxconn/Apple story, and a bit about SPDY.

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Reliability Testing Art Teaching

Systems Reliability Geek, Steve Brenner, and Geeky Artists, Nick Lally join Lyle to chat about some week-in-geek news and their professions. We even took a couple calls!

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Warped: Drives, Speech, and Space Cups

We take your calls and comments while covering the Week in Geek.