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Fake 3D Models of 30,000-Year-Old Seeds

3D Printer Kickstarter, Really Old Plants, Multiple Photos or Video to make 3d files, 123 year old recordings, could your phone be your computer? And much more Week-In-Geek News with Lyle, Al and Lindsey.

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Privacy Pshaw!

Who needs privacy when you are selling something? Online Dating Websites keep your data, Target Inc. knows your daughter is pregnant, Cyber attacks of Nortel, SSL for Google Maps still leaks data, and more Geek News and in the second half Alex, Miles and Lyle answer technical questions from listeners.

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Prom Week Game

Facebook publishes deleted images, Android vs iOS crashes, 12345 Syrian password “hacked”, AT&T throttling, NASA killing Mars and more GeekNews. In the second half Mike Treanor from UCSC’s Center for Games and Playable Media joins The Geeks to talk about game development and AI.

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Technical Difficulties

Spider silk, the french attack Google, Our Moon, Ubusoft Dow, 100 year old gamer, and much more. The geek news with Miles, Ben, and Jordan.