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Blurry, Soggy, Black Holes Now Available from E-Libraries

Horrible segways during The Week in Geek News while Miles, Lyle, Ben, and Alex get all your calls and questions answered incorrectly.

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Exoplanets in Hexadecimal

Exoplanets revolving around binary stars; exoplanets revolving around each other; Exoplanets! Ben and Miles answer your questions and comments about technology and hexadecimal as well.

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Flywheels and Data Centers

The Week in Geeks News covers data centers and fly wheels followed by Lyle, Ben and Miles taking your calls and comments.

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Security and Super Novas

Haystack Passwords baby- full paper encryption, UPnP router problems, Macintosh Lion woes and security problems, AT&T mobile deal a no-go and more GeekNews.