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Who Watches the Watchers' Mac Addresses?

Citizens’ right to record the police, social media’s impact on undercover cops, IPs are not people, and your comments and questions.

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MineCraft Super Cookies

Wyatt Troxell joins the Geeks to geek out about MineCraft, Ben fills us in on the half-a 3.5mm connector from Apple, and Miles tells us all about Super Cookies!

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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Perseids Meteor shower, new theme park and an interview and discussion with Ernest Cline about his wonderful futuristic 80’s packed book, Ready Player One.

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Face Matching Hacking Body Scanning

Face-matching with Facebook profiles, Non-naked airport passengers in Germany, Hackers Wireless Medical Devices Susceptible to Attacks, DARPA and the hazard of hacked hardware and 5/8ths inch head radiation.