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Robotic Car, DNS Security and Sewing Machines

With just Miles and Lyle, one more GeekSpeak in the can, as they say.

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Security Theater

Ben, Alex, Lindsey, and Miles cover the Week in Geek and airline security.

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Hybrid Hard Drives

John Moon, Design Engineer at Seagate, joins the Geeks to talk about Hybrid Hard Drives and specifically the Momentus® XT Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive. And in the first half the geeks cover the week in geek news: Kinect Game System, Light-Sensitive Concrete, Size of Eris, Multi Touch: Stretchable electronic skin, newly (by the west) discovered cloning lizard, and a bit more.

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Happy Birthday Asimo!

The right to forget, voting update, LimeWire gone, and much more week in geek news with Miles, Ben, Al and Lyle.