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Security and News

Alex and Lindsay join us from Defcon, and the Geeks cover the news of the week.

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Gaming Renewable Energy Without Bias

Lyle, Alex, and Miles cover the Week in Geek, talk about bias, and take your calls and questions.

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Robots and Moon Milage

Miles is back from [TAM|The Amazing Meeting], Al covers some robot and human enhancing machinery, Lunokhod travels on the Moon, bad science and medicine on the Huffington post, and Lyle runs the board.

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T-Shirts Powered by Moon Cheese

Al and Lyle do an episode with crazy movies, living in the woods, 3D phones, calls from california and much more.

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One Man Geek

All the geeks were out of town this weekend. So, what does a GeekSpeak host do with no geeks? Find out with this episode of GeekSpeak. – Lyle alone.