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Death of IE6 and Enhance iTunes

IE6 Funeral, TuneUp and 1Password – Ben’s Software Pick, Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast, The 4K Sector Transition Begins,
Gamma Error in Picture Scaling, and Crazy USB: Fundue

And the Geeks take your calls.

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A Mouthful of USB

Technical Barbie, White House Tweet, Tablet Talk, Jet Packs, Robot Assembly, Lego Rubix Cube solver, and tech calls.

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Pencils, Frisbees, Grenades and Avatar

Guest Geeks Lindsey Lonne and Alex Sleeis join regulars Al and Lyle to talk about the GeekNews and take calls.

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Worms in Space welcome Dave Portera and Atari Videos

Definitely a show of nostalgia, Dave Portera [Por-Ter-a] talks with us about his involvement and roles in the earlier Atari video games.