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NASA Twiddles the Knob With Imperial Units

Geeks Miles, Ben, Alex, and Lindsey talk about the week’s news including imperiled Space Shuttles and ringtones as public performances while they answer your calls and comments.

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Steve Wozniak, Uber-Geek

Woz is the creator of the personal computer, an inventor, engineer, prankster, and genuine good guy. Woz is the main Geek of our time. Al and Lyle joined him in his home to chat about who he is and what he likes. A very personal conversation with Steve Wozniak.

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Geeks Going to the Dogs

In a slightly odd GeekSpeak Geeks Lyle, Ryder and Miles, take your calls and discuss the week in geek news, but they are joined by Becca Hiatt a veterinarian rehabilitater (Physical Therapist for Animals) to answer questions about dogs. The call-in section goes back and forth between very knowledgeable dog suggestions and, contrarily, the Geeks poor answers to Windows questions.

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Etherpad with Aaron Iba

The geeks are joined by Aaron Iba, CEO of AppJet, Inc. His company developed [Etherpad|http://etherpad.com/], the technology behind the [Geek Chat|http://etherpad.com/geekspeak] link on our show page. Join us on our Etherpad every Saturday during the show to give us your questions, comments, and interaction.

Aaron holds a degree in mathematics from MIT. Before founding AppJet with David Greenspan (president of AppJet), Aaron worked at Google writing algorithms for improving search quality. As co-captains of their high school math team, Aaron and David led Lexington High to numerous top spots nationally. While at MIT, they founded the Robocraft Programming Competition (now called BattleCode), which is the largest college programming competition in the country.