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Exoplanetary Bluetooth Burkas

The Geeks discuss news, and take calls, using the burka analogy more than once.

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The Network with Aaron Hughes

Network expert Aaron Hughes will join us for a discussion of the physical layer of the internet backbone and the protocols that are used to route network traffic. How robust is the internet, actually?

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Swimming in a Sea of Internet Fraud

There is in amazing amount of Internet fraud going on through-mail. Our guest, Sergeant Dean Ackemann, works for the San Jose Police Department Financial Crimes Unit. His job is to handle Internet fraud cases and often sees people falling for the same scams over and over. He will be on to talk about some common scams and potentially take a few calls.

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Visual Effects with Mark Christiansen

We will be joined by [Mark Christiansen|http://christiansen.com], artist, animator and author. His most recent book, “After Effects CS4: Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques,” covers color correction, keying, rotoscoping, motion tracking, and much more in After Effects CS4.