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Santa Cruz Geeks with Sean Tario

The local social scene for Geeks in Santa Cruz has always been impressive. Ever since the Geek Houses of the 80s, Santa Cruz has had its technically savvy folks who like to spend time socializing. In recent months there has been a resurgence of this Santa Cruz staple. Sean Tario is one of the geeks accidently leading over 250 geeks in the Santa Cruz area to hang out and chat, to share their brilliance, and enjoy life like only a geek can.

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Lightroom 2, Digital Asset Management

Tom Hogarty, product manager of Photoshop Lightroom at Adobe, joins the Geeks to talk about digital asset management and using Adobe Lightroom 2.

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Photoshop CS4

The geeks discuss graphics applications, and the technologies that drive them with Adobe Photoshop Product Manager, Brian Hughes.

Bryan O’Neil Hughes is a Product Manager on the Photoshop Team and a Product Evangelist for the Lightroom Team. Bryan has spent the last ten years helping to test, drive, develop and demonstrate Adobe’s professional imaging solutions. He speaks worldwide on behalf of Adobe and can often be found leading seminars and workshops. Beyond Adobe, Bryan is a published book author, editor and photographer.

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MacWorld 2009, FaceBook, and More

[Al Luckow| http://www.luckow.com/] and Ben Jaffe attended MacWorld and we chat a bit about the Apple announcements and other GeekNews of the week. And a bit about what Al does, like [WOZ’s mettle business card|http://www.luckow.com/clients/woz/cards.html] and more.

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Geek Tech for 2009

Predictions are so temporally falsifiable, therefor we are going to share what we are excited about in the upcoming year.