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Steel Paper and Sticky X-Rays

John Tracy, Miles Elam and Sean Cleveland join host Lyle Troxell for a discussion of technology in the news.

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Apple's New Notebooks and ....

Apple’s new laptops are awesome! They’re also horrible. Contradiction? You decide.

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Making Computers More Power Efficient

[Climate Savers Computing Initiative|http://www.climatesaverscomputing.org/] is a nonprofit group of consumers, businesses and conservation organizations who hope to promote development, deployment and adoption of technologies that improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumed by computers.

Erik Teetzel from Google will join the Geeks to talk about the amount of energy that will be saved, and the design and implementation of the technology that Climate Savers is recommending.

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Geek Your News

A full gaggle of Geeks come together for a technical peek at the GeekNews of the week.