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Bill Tancer 'Click: What Millions do Online and Why it Matters'

Are you fascinated by polls and survey data? As the Internet becomes more ingrained in our lives, from reading the news, to communicating through email and social networks, to transacting online, the byproduct of our aggregate movements provides an even deeper insight into who we are. Join the geeks as they welcome Bill Tancer to discuss his book [Click: What Millions of People do Online and Why it Matters|http://www.billtancer.com/] .

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Geeking With Computer Voice

This week we had some fun with Apple’s voice “Alex” reading some of the station business. We also covered a bunch of news and took some calls. This is one of those episodes where we focused on having fun and secondarily informed listeners.

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Terry Brooks, Genesis of Shannara Series

In our on-going GeekSpeak Science Fiction Author Series, we dive deep into fantasy with author Terry Brooks. Terry won instant acclaim with his New York Times bestseller The Sword of Shannara.

In his latest book, The Gypsy Morph, the world is in flux as the mortal realm yields to a magical one; as the champions of the Word and the Void clash for the last time to decide what will be and what must cease; and as, from the remnants of a doomed age, something altogether extraordinary rises.

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Almost Green, James Glave

Saving the planet is not an easy thing to do; [James Glave|http://glave.com/] did his part by making his eco-shed. And in his recently released book “Almost Green” James shows the lighter side of trying to be green in America.

We’ll chat about the technical difficulties and plain humor in Glace’s personal story.