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Software Development Tools

[IDE|Integrated Development Environment]s allow quicker and easier development of applications, but how does one go about creating a good IDE? Guest David Intersimone from CodeGear will chat with the Geeks about making software for software development.

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Sound We Can't Hear and GeekNews

Stanford instructor and regular Geek Ben Jaffe informs us about ultrasound and infra-sound. And we all cover the Week in GeekNews.

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The Skeptics' Guide with Geeks

Steven Novella, host of [The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe|http://www.theskepticsguide.org/], joins the Geeks to talk about the importance of skeptical thought, the scientific method, and as an example the absurdity of Homeopathy. The Geeks also cover some GeekNews.

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Help Us Help You

Ben’s sweet infatuation with Earth, Paris privacy issues, the BBC hates knitters, to sonic-boom or not to sonic-boom, and other geek news items.

Also this episode the Geeks ask a lot of questions. “We just don’t know that much.”

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Toast 9, Burning on a Mac

Patrick Nugent product manager of Toast, a CD and DVD authoring and burning software package from Roxio will join special host Timothy Jordan and the Geeks to talk about CD and DVD creation on the Macintosh operating system.