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Intensely Small

The worlds most intense laser, GeekSpeak nepotism, RIAA crack training, self healing rubber, and more Week in Geek news. Plus listener’s calls with questions and comments of technology all on this week’s episode of GeekSpeak.

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Blu-ray is Photographic

The Geeks cover iPhones in China, HD DVD and Blue-ray, changes to Bit Torrent and much more. Timothy Jordan leads the Geeks this week covering the news and answering lister’s calls.

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Arrows, Sunroofs, and Microsoft

The Geeks discuss a security expert standing on a tall building looking down at heavy traffic and seeing a vulnerability through a single car’s sunroof as a metaphor for the difficulty of spotting online computer vulnerabilities, and then talks about shooting virus arrows through the sunroof and how car companies should start making reinforced car roofs to combat them. Ah, just listen to the show. :) The geeks actually talk about more than this.

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Richard Stallman on Free Software

Richard Stallman from the [Free Software Foundation|http://www.fsf.org/] joins us to talk about the GNU/Linux operating system and his philosophies about software including [DRM|Digital Restrictions Management] and so-called “intellectual property.”