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Geeks In Your Home

The Geeks welcome [Jesse Wilkins|http://www.wilkinsconsulting.us/], a professional geek servicing the Central Coast of California. If you need a professional geek to help you out, Jesse is your man. The Geeks also discuss the week’s tech news and take your questions and comments on technology.

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There's Nothing in the Air

The Geeks discuss the week in tech news, including the further decline of HD DVD sales, the blackest black courtesy of new carbon nanotube material, an asteroid hitting Mars, a CIA report revealing the weaknesses of power grids to hackers, and commuting Hwy 17 by bus between Santa Cruz and San Jose with full connectivity. Also discussed are the benefits and the drawbacks of the new Apple MacBook Air notebook, with emphasis on the latter.

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Consumer Electronics Show 2008

The Geeks welcome Peter Sheerin, a technologist who traveled to CES in Las Vegas to attend one of the World’s largest consumer technology shows. Join the geeks as we discuss the next-generation displays and gadgets shown at this year’s show.

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News and Calls

A full set of geeks take calls and cover this week’s geek news.