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Cracked: From Bee Disappearances to Elections

Elections that are run using the Jet database engine, and bees that apparently don’t hate cell phones after all. This and your calls, answered by Miles Elam, Ryder Brooks, and host Lyle Troxell.

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Assistive Tech-ery

The Geeks talk with Jon Bjornstad about [Sue Center|http://www.suecenter.org/], a communication environment designed specifically for people who cannot use a keyboard or mouse.

This assistive technology which enables people to email, browse the web and more has been developed by Jon over the past 7 years.

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Senior Computer Center of Santa Cruz

On location at the [Senior Computer Center|http://www.seniorcomputer.org/] in down town Santa Cruz the Geeks: Lyle, Sean, Miles, Alex and Josh, do some GeekNews and take questions from an audience that can see them.

Will the Geeks hold it together while being watched? Listen to this show to find out.

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Violent Hard Drive Death

The ever-present need to have good backups and the effects of violent video games on the youth. Join in the discussion with Lyle, Sean, and Miles (with Alex over the net).