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Spam, Creationism, and 450GB Paper

Lyle, Sean, John, and Miles are back together to discuss the recent spam epidemics, Creationist museums under construction in Kentucky, and the renewed use of paper as a data backup medium. …and we take your calls too.

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Overclocking, SuperPI, and Playstation Riots

Lyle, Drew, and Sean discuss overclocking with SuperPI, Playstation 3 riots, ZUNE vs. iPod, the Windows Fresno alternative, and discuss the week in geek. As always, wackiness ensues.

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Windows Vista with Chris Donahue of Microsoft

Chris Donahue, Director of Windows Graphics and Gaming Technologies at Microsoft, will be joining the Geeks to discuss Windows Vista. The Geeks plan to get the latest scoop on Vista features including parental controls, data backup, networking, quick bootup, new 3D Aero Glass interface, DirectX 10 gaming, search and organization, eliminating performance drain, and security.

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Email, Electronic Voting and Internet Blunders

Managing email and your phone, electronic voting, new Sony laptop are the batteries any good, [TWiT|http://www.twit.tv/] tech podcast, the Web’s effect on Politics – internet blunders and your questions and comments of technology.