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A Battery of Roving Plant Cores

Exploding batteries, plants that smell, 80-core CPUs, and the NASA Mars rovers (eat your heart out Energizer Bunny!). The Geeks Miles Elam, Lyle Troxell, Sean Cleveland, and Drew Meyer take your calls and cover the news.

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Hacktivismo, BrowserCache and VistaDisca

Microsoft’s Vista all versions on one disk, browser cache clearing, Hacktivismo anonymous web browsing and much more covered by Sean, Lyle, Drew and Miles.

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Hydrogen Hype, Ter(r)a Tragedy and Planet Ponderings

Geeks Lyle, John, and Sean will be on hand to discuss the week’s news and to take your calls.

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GeekSpeak Banter with the Geeks

Geeks Lyle Troxell, Sean Cleveland, Drew Meyer, and Miles Elam take your calls and prove the age-old adage, “Keep your friends close and your geek friends even closer.”

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Chipsets, Laptops, the Moon and Geeks

Geeks Sean, Lyle, and Miles talk about tech, space exploration, laptops for kids, and take your calls.