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What is Pluto Again?

Geeks Lyle Troxell, Drew Meyer, and Miles Elam discuss the recent Pluto controversy (it’s a “dwarf planet” now) and take your calls with questions and comments of technology.

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Viruses, New Planets, and You(Tube)

It’s a full house. Lyle Troxell, John Tracy, Sean Cleveland, Miles Elam, and Drew Meyer take your calls and dish up a heaping bowl of news from the world of geek.

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The Light Pick

Santa Cruz inventor Michael Herring joins the Geeks for a discussion about [Light Picks|http://www.lightpicks.net/], a guitar pick with a built in metronome.

Learn about the process of invention, the starting of a business, and the sales and makreting behind it.

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Online Poker with Tom

Tom, a professional gambler for over 30 years, joins the Geeks for a discussion about online gambling. Additionally the Geeks, John Tracy, Sean Cleveland and Miles Elam, join Lyle Troxell for GeeksNews and taking listeners calls and emails.