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Data Centers

The internet is relatively ethereal. A simple description is “a lot of computers connected together”. On this episode of GeekSpak Derek Wise, President and CEO of Global NetOptics Inc., joins the Geeks for a discussion on where those computers are, what they need and how they communicate.

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David Lawrence and GeekSpeak

The Geeks are joined by
David Lawrence, a well known talk show host who covers Pop culture, tech, movies, music, TV, humor, morals, ethics and politics 6 days a week on satilite radio. David has the term GeekSpeak trade marked, a while ago he contacted the Geeks to talk about our name, GeekSpeak. Learn all about David Lawrence, talk radio and the future of GeekSpeak.

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Digital Copyright

Michael Mount is an Attorney focusing in digital copyrights. Michael joins the Geeks to give us a what’s what with the current status of US copyright law and where it is going.