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ATI Technologies

ATI Technologies, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative 3D graphics
and digital media silicon solutions, joins the Geeks to discuss their latest multimedia product –
the ATI All-In-Wonder 2006 video card. From TV to gaming, video editing and free software, this
All-In-One card provides users with an excellent video editing/publishing platform at a very
affordable price.

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Home DSL Setup

The geeks cover Geek News, talk about home DSL setup and take calls about setting up your home for high-speed access.
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Shuttle Computers

The rise of Shuttle computers and their domination of the small form factor (SFF) computer market is a great success story. The fact that people latched onto the concept of the small, quiet, square-shaped computer was not surprising, but the fact that they bought Shuttle computers in droves was. Shuttle’s unique lightweight all-aluminum case combines a stylistic, aesthetically pleasing design without compromising cutting-edge features or performance.
The Geeks interview Cameron Rogers of Shuttle computers to learn
how they started the SFF craze and what they plan to do next.

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Technology Challenged

Executive Director of KnowledgeContext, Miguel F. Aznar, joined the Geeks to talk about his new book Technology Challenged, Understanding Our Creations & Choosing Our Future.