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Storage, Software

Craig Campbell from Nero, known for CD and DVD creation softare, joins the
Geeks to discuss software for helping you manage your information.

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Geek News and Taking Calls

The geeks cover some geeky news, take calls and email from listeners, and have fun with technology.Mac Geek, John Tracy, tells us all about his recent laptop-mishap.

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Talking Titan

The Geeks talk about the Cassini space craft and the probe Huygens which landed on Titan this morning.

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Storage, Network Storage

Drew Meyer, from Adaptec’s Snap
Appliance Division
, helps us
kick off our month of storage. We will talk about current products and
upcomming technology. Adaptec’s Snap
Appliance Division
makes Network
Storage Devices; not exactly home storage solutions, but very cool nonetheless.