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Technical Difficulties

Update: Looks like we may be able to go live this morning. Tune in
after 10 o’clock to find out!Unfortunately it looks like we won’t be on today. KUSP had a power
outage and won’t be back up by showtime. Thanks for listening and for
your support. We’ll see you all again next week.

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Adobe Products

Adobe announce two new consumer and hobbyist products which the Geeks have taken a peek at. Two product managers from Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, will join the Geeks for a disscussion of new Adobe products for the home.
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Digital Radio

FM Radio is taking the giant step into the digital
age. KUSP Station Manager,
Terry Green and Engineer, Brant Herrett -
join the Geeks for an in-depth discussion on FM
Digital conversion and KUSP’s plans for Digital Radio]. The benefits and
drawbacks of Digital Radio on GeekSpeak.

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The geeks talk with Geoff Caras onwner and operator of LavaRock, a Santa Cruz
Internet Cafe located at 541 Seabright Avenue across from Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe.