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Child Development Technology

Exploring Mars, IBM 960 chips, Fed Court rules against photographers, DNA collected by law enforcement and then a discussion of child rearing and technology. John and Bruce have different child rearing patterns.

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Gadget Gifts

Holiday gift giving Geek style. The Geeks take a look
at the gadgets, games and tech goodies that will make any Geek on your list

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AMD(American Micro Devices) ":http://www.amd.com, with a loyal fanbase and a market share in the

mid-teens, has been nipping at the heels of Intel for years. Now, with its
new backwards compatible 64-bit technology, AMD has a chance for the limelight.
John Crank, Product Manager of AMD joins the Geeks to discuss AMD’s latest technologies.

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Inside Intel

Ever wonder how the Intel Pentium 4 processor works?
Is Centrino the next big thing? Is HyperThreading for you? George Alfs,
Manager of Intel Client Public Relations joins the Geeks to discuss Intel’s
latest technologies.