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Macromedia Flash

Product manager of Macromedia Flash, Lucian Bebe, joins the Geeks to chat about Flash! (15:30)
In the news PacBell and DSL lawsuits. PostgreSQL replication service. AMD revives Duron line. Miles talks about (9:45) – regarding the MS Blast Virus, why not to use someone’s name when they are accused. Hitachi’s new 4GB micro drive. Symantec software license… goes to a new registration methodology.
nVidia may get access to Intel’s Pentium 4 license via IBM deal.

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Image Resolution

The concept of Dots Per Inch (DPI) is one of the most common misunderstood problems for computer users. The geeks explain DPI as well as the tools and tricks you can use to create clear pictures with your computer and printers. Additionally the geeks take your calls at (831) 476-2800 or toll-free at 1 (800) 655-5877 (from CA).

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Mapping Mars

Joe Day, Electro-Optical Engineer working on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter knows all about mapping on Mars. More specifically he knows about the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO ) being built by Lockhead-Martin. And even more specificly he knows aout the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE(High Resolution Imaging Sciance Experiment) ) which is one of the instruments of the Orbiter.Joe’s job is to help design and build the optics for the 50cm wide telescope that is the center of HiRISE(High Resolution Imaging Sciance Experiment) . The telescope will be coupled to a digital camera that takes pictures 20,000 pixels wide! That’s a picture over “40 TV sets by 40 TV sets”!

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Maxtor Hard Drives

Hard drives are getting smaller and smaller while drive capacities continue to grow. Is this trend sustainable? Paul Streit, senior product manager for Maxtor Corporation will be on hand to discuss Maxtor drive technologies and answer your questions.

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Phones and Call-in

Chris Dunphy, our hand-held expert geek, joins the rest of the geeks for a phone heads up and a calling-all calls show. Learn about the newest in cell phone technology and call in for comments, questions and concerns.