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Plantronics- Headsets

Matt Miller, Director of Product Marketing at Plantronics joins the geeks to talk about the marvels of audio headsets.

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Small Web Dev Survival

Jasper Larence, CEO of Words & Images of Santa Cruz, joins the Geeks for a discussion about the status of web development as a business. The quick growth of the Internet lead to a large need for web development companies. The crash saw the death of many of these new ventures, but some companies like Words & Images are still around. Learn why.
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Web Accessibility

Miles Elam, student and web developer, shares his recent experience in learning about web accessibility.
Web sites can be created to be used by sight-impaired and less then full-featured browsers and still make them look good.

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Geeks Take Your Calls

Do you have a problem with a recent tech gift? Do you have a local network problem? Call in during the show, and we will do what we can to shed light on the issue. Who knows? We might even be able to solve your problem. The Geeks focus on your computer problem and try to help.