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Gnu Teaches Robots to not Google and Drive

High School teacher and Ben’s father, Roger Jaffe, joins us for this fun episode of GeekSpeek.

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Email Onions and Eat Insects

Disgust, insect protein, onions on sale and other things that disturb.

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Cops Hack Journalists During Interstellar Self-Driving Cab Ride

Voyager and Windows XP leaving, police hacking software, iPhone fingerprints, Cassettes turn 50, and more tech news with Lindsey, Lyle, and Brian.

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Authentic Prototype Encryption Authorizes 3D Tools

A primer on ‘authentication’ vs ‘authorization’; wearable tech & other exciting designs to check out (like SpaceX 3D rocket design toolkit); and our listeners ask for tips (photo management & watermarking)…and offer them (for failing headphones).