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The Infrant ReadyNAS NV Network Attached Storage Device

Interested in NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices? If you’ve ever dreamed of a single device large enough to store all of your digital files that was accessible not only from your local computers, but from any computer connected to the Internet around the World, then a NAS may be just the ticket for you. Did we mention that your data would be safe, even from drive failure? Join [Sam Feng | http://geekspeak.org/shows/2005/04/01/], Product Manager at [Infrant Technologies| http://www.infrant.com/], as the geeks learn about the latest in home and small/medium/large business network storage servers. They’re more reasonable than you think!

Plus, as a special bonus, the Geek Speak theme sung the Geeks in all its a capella glory.

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DVD & CD Archiving with PowerFile

Join the Geeks as they discuss DVD and CD archiving. PowerFile join the geeks to discuss the latest in futuristic home DVD carousels and the battle over two next-generation competing standards; Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. If you watch a lot of DVD movies or want to make CD/DVD backups of data or digital pictures more available, then this show is for you!

Industry expert Jim Sherhart, director of Product Management for [PowerFile|http://powerfile.com/], will be available to help answer storage questions and provide his expert opinions.

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Furry Lobster, Intel Conroe, and SiteAdvisor

GeekNews: New terestrial craters found using Google Earth, uninteresting tech from tradeshows including Microsoft’s handheld Oragami project, and the surprising performance of Intel’s next-generation Conroe processor. We also cover [Furry Lobsters|http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4785482.stm], and a wonderful new web tool called [SiteAdvisor|http://www.siteadvisor.com/]. To round out the show, we took calls from listeners.

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GeekNews and Calls

The Geeks cover weekly news and take calls from listeners.

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