Robotic Car, DNS Security and Sewing Machines

With just Miles and Lyle, one more GeekSpeak in the can, as they say.

An Open Letter to Apple on Server Technologies

Dear Steve Jobs … “Please allow virtualization of Mac OS X Server in non-Apple virtualization environments, with a commensurate license and pricing model.”

Autonomous Audi TTS Completes Pikes Peak Run Successfully

“Autonomous, or ‘self-driving’ cars, are nothing new and have successfully completed road courses countless times in the past, but for one to ascend to the 14,110 foot summit of Pikes Peak, all while tackling its myriad of corners and sheer drops, is nothing short of amazing.”

See Lyle in Miracle on 34th Street

Lyle is playing the romantic lead in Miracle on 34th Street at Park Hall in Ben Lomond….
You can purchase tickets at
The holiday classic, directed by Kathie Kratochvil, with musical direction by Kulani Kamaha’o, tells the story of Kris Kringle (played by Peter Gelblum), an ageless gentleman who believes himself to be the real Santa Claus. The heartwarming holiday tale reminds us that in the world of blatant commercialism that often surrounds the winter holidays, we can allow ourselves to transform our views and experience a world where love, magic, and generosity of spirit are their own rewards.

Credit where credit is due

“News publishers and readers both benefit when journalists get proper credit for their work. That can be difficult, with news spreading so quickly and many websites syndicating articles to others.”

FedEx Finds Radioactive Shipment

“FedEx says it has located a shipment of radioactive rods used in medical equipment that had vanished while being sent from North Dakota to Tennessee.”

DNSSEC: exchanging one threat for another?

“Security geeks have a permanent blind spot: ‘potential for misapplication of security technology.’ The problem also afflicts scientists in science-fiction B-movies where the giant robot decides that it wants to serve mankind crispy-fried and the story ends by reflecting on our inability to appreciate the simple life we once had.”

Patent Office Agrees To Facebook’s “Face” Trademark

“Facebook is just a payment away from trademarking the word ‘Face.’ As of today the U.S. Patent And Trademark Office has sent the social networking site a Notice of Allowance, which means they have agreed to grant the ‘Face’ trademark to Facebook under certain conditions.”