Geeks Going to the Dogs

In a slightly odd GeekSpeak Geeks Lyle, Ryder and Miles, take your calls and discuss the week in geek news, but they are joined by Becca Hiatt a veterinarian rehabilitater (Physical Therapist for Animals) to answer questions about dogs. The call-in section goes back and forth between very knowledgeable dog suggestions and, contrarily, the Geeks poor answers to Windows questions.

Google Wave Technology

Check out the 1h20m long video demoing the beta Google Wave technology. Cool stuff that shows a lot of promise. Developed by the same team that brought us Google Maps.

Periodic table gets a new element

Number 112 for the win!

Games and Movies Killing Music

Maybe filesharing isn’t the cause of all problems in the world after all.

14-year-old hit by space meteorite

A 14 year old German boy lived to tell the tale of being hit in the hand by a pea sized magnetic meteorite. It caused a 3 inch long wound before hitting the ground near him, resulting in a 1 foot wide crater.

Three Strikes and the Law's Out

Looks like the French still consider themselves innocent until proven guilty, even on the Internet.

"Smart" power utility meters vulnerable to hacking and

newly installed power meters at home and businesses that are computer controlled look to be vulnerable to hacking and OS modification, potentially resulting in wide scale power outages triggered remotely.

Facebook Username Land Grab

As the dust settles, hundreds of thousands get a web path on someone else’s servers without a hitch.

! Unusual USB Devices