Etherpad with Aaron Iba

The geeks are joined by Aaron Iba, CEO of AppJet, Inc. His company developed [Etherpad|], the technology behind the [Geek Chat|] link on our show page. Join us on our Etherpad every Saturday during the show to give us your questions, comments, and interaction.

Aaron holds a degree in mathematics from MIT. Before founding AppJet with David Greenspan (president of AppJet), Aaron worked at Google writing algorithms for improving search quality. As co-captains of their high school math team, Aaron and David led Lexington High to numerous top spots nationally. While at MIT, they founded the Robocraft Programming Competition (now called BattleCode), which is the largest college programming competition in the country.

DNSSEC for .org Domain

A long overdue security feature being put to use on the Internet’s weakest link. [[NIST|National Institute of Standards and Technology]|] and [[ICANN|Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers]|] have followed suit for the top-level domain servers.

The Math Gender Gap Explained

Boys no longer start outperforming girls at age 12 or 13, as they did as late as the 1970s; in the U.S., high school girls now take calculus at the same rate as boys; tests mandated by No Child Left Behind show that girls have reached parity with boys in math achievement through high school; and tests of complex problem-solving (which [NCLB|No Child Left Behind] doesn’t measure) find that girls have now pulled even with boys through 12th grade on this skill, too.

But the stereotype that females lack the innate ability to match males at the highest levels of math lives on. A new study comes as close to burying it as anything yet.

Music Streaming Services

Here are Ben’s notes on Music Streaming Services for the June 6, 2009 show.

New services promise online life after death

It’s a scenario that’s becoming more likely as we spend more of our lives online. And it’s raising more questions about what happens to our online lives after we log off for the final time.

The answer, until recently, was nothing.

But now, as online usage increases and social-media sites soar in popularity, more companies are popping up to try and fill that void created in your digital life after death.

JAST - This Robot Will Anticipate Your Actions

The thinking, talking robots of Isaac Asimov science fiction are nothing like what we actually have – programmed machines that do the simplest things. European researchers in robotics, psychology and cognitive sciences say they have developed a robot that can predict the intentions of its human partner; this ability to anticipate (or even question) actions could make human-robot interactions more natural.

Streaming Music Player, like Pandora

Listener Chris suggested Imeem in stead of Pandora because Imeem allows you to pick the songs you want to hear. Thanks Chris!