Swimming in a Sea of Internet Fraud

There is in amazing amount of Internet fraud going on through-mail. Our guest, Sergeant Dean Ackemann, works for the San Jose Police Department Financial Crimes Unit. His job is to handle Internet fraud cases and often sees people falling for the same scams over and over. He will be on to talk about some common scams and potentially take a few calls.

Bottled Water Carries Hidden Cost to Earth

Thousands of times more energy intensive than tap water. How little are you willing to pay to go green?

STEREO investigates Lagrangian Points

NASA’s new probe, STEREO, investigates Lagrangian Points L4 and L5.

Report online crime surging in recession

Fraud on the Internet reported to U.S. authorities increased by 33 percent last year, rising for the first time in three years, and is surging this year as the recession deepens, federal authorities said on Monday.

To read about online scams, and to check to see if people are trying to scam you, check out http://www.snopes.com/