Radio Bursts Google Glass, Licensing the Bug in Your Ear

Three weeks away from GeekSpeak showing off Google technology in France, Lyle comes back a real Glasshole.

Ear + Bug = Ahhhh!

Take a look at what got pulled out of Lyle’s ear. – Moth!

Dr Dawn Motyka is Fantastic

If you are in Santa Cruz and looking for options in your medical care – maybe you want to be thought of as a person – check out Dr. Dawn’s practice.

4 Fast Radio Bursts Have Long Implications

Elusive radio blasts from deep space could be caused by any number of celestial phenomena, but as we capture them more & more, we’ll know more about he composition of the Universe.

AGP - what is with that?

I talked a lot about open licenses on GeekSpeak today. I work as an advocate for 4D on the Wakanda. I recently launched – Lyle

Lyle's away time has lots of Glass Examples

Listening advice from Anthony

Anthony Sacco, San Jose, CA emailed in in response to GeekSpeak Episode 2013/07/06 in response to questions of home computer listening…

I bought a Barnes and Noble NOOK HD and I discovered TuneIn Radio Pro. TuneIn Radio on the NOOK HD is a great experience. Not only does it stream but it also allows simultaneous recording that I can play back later. It’s easy to find new stations, and it saves them in a favorites collection. It’s very easy to use.
The NOOK HD is a superior e-reader, but it also a very competent tablet in its own right. I have both the 7 inch HD and the 9" HD+ (for the spouse). They are fast, versatile, and cheap. The display is excellent. Right now Barnes and Noble has slashed the price on the NOOK HD ($129) and the HD+ ($149). The TuneIn app is only $4.95 from the NOOK store, and you can use it on all the NOOK you own. The NOOK HD with TuneIn Radio is probably the best way to get internet radio in an inexpensive and convenient way.

BTW, if you want to hear your internet stream on any FM radio in your house, just plug in a low power FM transmitter into the NOOK’s audio jack, choose an unused frequency and you now have you internet radio everywhere you have a real radio in the house. (The brand I use is “SCOSCHE” purchased at Fry’s).

Anthony also recommends Rediscovering Radio Through Apps