Mayan Calendar and No Free Privacy

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The Mayan calendar is really quite geeky, learn the real details of this epic time keeping system. And is your privacy worth some money?

Zeebly, Understand your Social Life.

We analyze your social data to find your personality, interests, favorite statuses and more. As we analyze your text, word usage, and other linguistic queues, our algorithms learn about you. After analyzing your data, we visualize different dimensions of who you are. Some graphs simply show social behaviors. Other graphs are much more personal, like showing an in depth analysis of your personality. Don’t miss out on seeing your online data in a new light. Click the button below to view your own.

Dance Your Ph.D.: And The Winner Is...

How would you explain your Ph.D. research to someone with no scientific background? Let’s say for example, your thesis is: “Odd-Z Transactinide Compound Nucleus Reactions Including the Discovery of 260Bh.” Where would you even begin?
How about doing a hula hoop dance while being pelted with glowing balls? That was the solution discovered by Sarah Wilk, the author of the above chemistry Ph.D. thesis at the University of California, Berkeley. Her entry is one of the 12 finalists in the 2012 Dance Your Ph.D. contest. The other dances include techniques such as break dancing and burlesque.
This is the 5th year of the contest, sponsored by Science and AAAS (Science’s publisher). The aim is to challenge scientists to explain their research through dance, the most jargon-free medium available.

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WHAT IS APP.NET? is an ad-free, subscription-based social feed and API. aims to be the backbone of the social web through infrastructure that developers can use to build applications and that members can use for meaningful interactions. launched in August of 2012. It’s owned and operated by Mixed Media Labs, founded by CEO Dalton Caldwell and CTO Bryan Berg.

Space-Flown Spider Dies in Smithsonian

The Smithsonian’s exhibition of the first jumping spider to survive the trip to space has turned out to be short lived: The arachnid astronaut died just days after going on display.“It is with sadness that we announce the death of Nefertiti, the ‘Spidernaut,’” the staff at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. wrote on Facebook Monday (Dec. 3).

Glassboard: Facebook Alternative

Facebook tracks pretty much everything you do online, and they even sell some of that information. Facebook is pretty blunt about this in their Privacy Policy. Facebook’s privacy practices change so often, we have an always up-to-date guide to managing them. With Facebook in particular, you also need to worry about third party apps and games because they may unintentionally your leak data as well.
Glassboard: Share messages, photos, videos, files and even locations with different groups: family, friends, co-workers, classmates, volunteers, and more.Share privately Glassboard has no privacy settings — because everything is private. It’s that easy.And you never have to worry about the rules changing.Share pictures of your family with just your family. Share with co-workers — get things done knowing your messages are confidential.Stay privateUnlike Google, Facebook, and Twitter, we don’t mine your data to sell advertising. We don’t do ads.You are our customer — not advertisers.