Uranus Viewing, Algebra Packets and Metaphoric Circus Drives

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New fast data transfers using algebra packets, new images of Uranus, Lyle describes hardrives using circus metaphor and more helping people with their technical calls.Uranus Viewing,

DP Review - Awsome

For a caller aking about camera suggestions:

  • we offered feedback about what SLRs are and more blabbing from Lyle
  • and we suggested going to dpreview.com

Book Reading of Light House Tales tonight and Meet the Geeks

Tonight (Saturday October 27th at 6:30pm) come and meet the Geeks (well at least Lyle) at Louden Nelson Community center at 6:30 pm and hear Lance McVay read some from his book Light House Tales.

The most detailed images of Uranus' atmosphere ever

Check out these awesome pictures of Uranus. I love the writeup on how these images were processed!

Experience the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

This site takes you through the Apollo 11 lunar landing in fantastic detail, and using a great interface.

A Bandwidth Breakthrough Thanks to Algebra

Academic researchers have improved wireless bandwidth by an order of magnitude—not by adding base stations, tapping more spectrum, or cranking up transmitter wattage, but by using algebra to eliminate the network-clogging task of resending dropped packets of data.

Eloquent JavaScript, A Modern Introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke

Middle of this episode of GeekSpeak Lyle rants on about why it is important to know about programing… and suggested this book.

When linking to the book we realized that it is available for free online… Whaat! Marjin – you are fantastic!